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It’s almost that time again….fall means football in our house.  Every weekend it will be Georgia games on Saturday and the Falcons on Sunday.  My life will be scheduled around these two teams over the next few months.  Football is a way of life here in the south.  I once saw a sign that read “We serve God, sweet tea, and the SEC.”  Nothing could be more true of our family.  We take pride in wearing our colors, cheering for our team, and being apart of it all.  Our extended family gets together to watch the games and support the bulldogs.  When games are good, we celebrate together.  When they don’t go our way, we analyze the game, offer our advice on the plays and encourage one another that next week will be better.

The same is true of our lives as Christ followers.  As moms.  As wives.  As women.  As people.  We need one another.  Ecclesiastes 4:9 says, “two are better than one because they have a good return for their labor.”  God knew this was true from the beginning when he created Eve for Adam.  It was His idea!  Like our favorite football team, we need to huddle up.  We were not meant to live life alone.  We need to join a team of people who share in our similar life experiences.  Just like all good teams, the players are unique with their own strengths and specialties.  The quarterback cannot do the job of the kicker and the wide receiver doesn’t do the same thing that a defensive end can do.  However, they work together.  They use their unique gifts and talents for a common goal.  This team is lead by a coach – someone who guides them and sees the overall picture.  The coach mentors the team, works with them, and encourages them.  A coach believes in the team.

Teams don’t live life on the sidelines, they get in the game.  When we live life on the sidelines, we look at the team and think they have it all together.  As moms on a sideline, you think everyone else serves organic meals, has organized houses, perfect marriages, secure finances, and well behaved children.  We don’t see the tiring, endless, practices the players endured during the week.  We don’t see the hours of preparation that went into making the plays, the sweat, or the struggles.

Teams huddle up.  They talk about what is going on, what just happened and they plan their strategy.  I am apart of a moms group that huddles up each week.  We talk about our struggles with motherhood, raising children, and learning to point them to Christ.  We learn from one another and pray together.  We have God’s word and wise women who have walked before us as our coaches.  When we come out of the huddle, we are stronger and restored.  We are ready to go out and face our opponent.  In the huddle we realize that we are all the same. Other moms feel exactly like we do, have the same struggles and concerns. The huddle is our opportunity to lean in and lean on one another. In the huddle learn that we are not alone and “if either of them falls down, one can help the other up” Ecclesiastes 4:10.

We need one another.  We need to share our struggles, our experiences, our hardships and our victories.  The game of life is challenging.  We go through tough times to help someone get through their tough times.  We celebrate their victories because we have known the joy in our own victories.  As moms, wives, and women, we need people that we can share our lives with openly, honestly, and intimately.  It’s a tough practice, but the victory is sweet.

Get in the game and huddle up!
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