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Raising the Light. It may seem like a simple enough phrase, but through it flows my passion. To me, Raising the Light encompasses my life purpose; my calling from God. I am a mother, called to bring my children up in the ways of the Lord.

I desire to see a difference in the next generation- the generation of my children.  I want my kids to not see the Bible as just a bunch of rules that hold them prisoner, but as the Book of Life that will set them free. I want them to know the love of God, not just the wrath of God, and I want my passion and my husband’s passion for the Almighty  to be passed on through generations.

As parents (and mothers specifically) we are called to train our children in the way they should go (Proverbs 22:6).  We are called to talk to them about The Lord and His ways throughout the day (Deuteronomy 6:6-9).  God gives us this direction as a game plan to set our kids up for success. So why is it so hard?

The Barna Group did a study in 2009 in which they found that less than .5% of American adults 18-23 have a biblical worldview. Less than half of one percent! And this number includes the Christian population! (Click here to see the study) No wonder the world looks as it does with so much darkness. But it also shows that following God’s plan for raising children is not the norm in our culture.

Personally, I did not see much passion for Jesus or the Word of God in my house growing up. We went to church on Sundays and prayed before holiday meals, but that was about it.  So often our tendencies are to parent the way that we were parented.  But that is not the way that I want my family to live; I want to do it differently. It is just not always easy. It means that I have to be in constant communication with the Father so that He can teach me.  I must be constantly learning in order to teach.  And I must consistently die to myself so that my kids can see life.

I want this to be a community of moms that comes together and shares; resources, ideas, struggles, success, and just everyday stories.  A community that learns to parent with passion together.

I want our children to be the light.  I want our kids to shine with the light of Jesus in a dark world and for them to make things a little brighter for those generations yet to come.

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