Steeping in the Scriptures


One of my most cherished & saved summer memories is my momma’s sweet tea.  She would put tea bags and sugar in a one-gallon jug of boiled water & let it ‘steep’ all day long in the warm summer sun.  Oh, how we loved that sun tea…and how rich it was.

This summer, I want to make memories…but, even more, I want to save them.  I want to be intentional in my parenting, thoughtful in my plans, and graceful in my ways.  I’m doing this by helping my children ‘steep’ in the scriptures.

This week, we have created a ‘save a memory’ box for each child…my son & my daughter.  The “memories” we’d like to save are scriptures.  Each week, we are committed to memorizing one verse of scripture.  I am praying that the Lord will somehow connect the scripture with our memories for that week…and I know He will.  I am also praying that as we concentrate on the scripture, that it will ‘steep’ in our hearts & richly bless us.  I’m excited about having extra time to spend with my children in the Word, but most of my excitement is in anticipation of ‘how’ the Lord will bless us & teach us this season.

When I proposed this summer project to my children, they were giddy with excitement!

You see, you do not have to enroll your child in the most elaborate or extensive training camp.  You do not have to purchase a fancy summer curriculum.  You do not have to spend hours on Pinterest or other social media sites to find ways to dazzle them.

All they want is YOU.  Your time.  Your energy.  Your focus.  They want a memory.  One that steeps & gains richness with time…just like the summer sun tea that my momma used to make.

What memories will you be making this summer?  Will they be memories worth saving?

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